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We have often been asked about bicycles in our vacation houses. As we are offering almost everything you might think of in our vacation rental homes to please our guests, of course, there is a reason why we do not supply any bicycles in our vacation house Caribbean Island Dolphin View, especially as we really love to bike. We have already biked several thousand miles in Cape Coral and the area close by, sometimes about 800 miles within less than a 2 weeks stay, i.e. we really know what we are talking about important points regarding riding a bike in Cape Coral.

There are several things you should realize: To have fun riding a bicycle you should have a bike that fits you and spare tubes (especially in Cape Coral and the area around). As our main target is to rent vacation houses but as we do not own a bike rental company we cannot have always the right bike in the vacation home. A bike needs maintenance like everything you use. This is something that will be best supplied by someone who is always around. Cape Coral is a large city, area-wise the 4th largest in Florida, larger than Tallahassee, Orlando, and even Miami. There are many areas that are perfect for a good and long convenient ride whereas there are areas where it is almost impossible to ride a bike and have fun. You should know that you also always have to be prepared to get a flat and to know what to do then.
You might wish to know where to get the right bike for you, which is well maintained and where to find the best places for you to ride the bike, and where to get extra tubes. Whether you just want to make a nice slow afternoon ride or if you prepare intensively for a race for which you even need a road bike there is the right place for you that supplies everything about bikes close to our houses:

Paradise Bicycles
1712 Del Prado Blvd. South
Cape Coral, FL-33990
Tel: (239)-772-2453

Please call them upfront, mainly they have rental bikes in their store in Fort Myers and get a bike over for you when you explain which kind of bike you wish to rent.
Jonathen and his very experienced, friendly, and helpful team will be pleased to support you!

The motto of Jonathen brings it to the point: "If the shit hits the fan, it is always good to have someone to get you out!" Everyone who has ever had a problem with a bike not knowing what to do and how to solve the problem will know what is meant. Should you wish to rent a road bike it is always recommended to make a reservation by e-mail or over the phone in advance to have the right size bike ready for you for your vacation. In Fort Myers is another Paradise Bicycles. They organize a once in a while a guided ride.  

You get great support, whatever question you have about bikes, and everything that has to do with convenient and safe ways of riding a bicycle. No matter how experienced you are, this store is for beginners and for experienced bikers. On a frequent basis, there is an organized event where you can decide to ride 15 or 30 miles. There is even a rest station where you get some food, like bananas, sandwiches, Power Bars, Gatorade, and water. Starts and finish is at Paradise Bicycles, Ft. Myers. There are refreshments, fruits, and sandwiches waiting for you after the ride.

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